Funk Engineering is a full-service engineering consulting
firm that excels in the cradle-to-grave development
and design of products.


Custom Engineering

Custom Engineering

Funk Engineering brings a broad background of experience in custom electronics to help complete your project. Our project expertise helps you bridge the gap between knowing what measurements you need and the ability to turn them into usable signals. We can take this even further by creating a custom printed circuit board for your application.



Funk Engineering’s in-house machine shop enables prototyping for quick turnaround and substantial cost savings. Multiple iterations of a design can be built, machined, and tested in days, not weeks. We have everything you would expect from a full-service machine shop — a three axis mill, lathe, drill presses, band saws, grinders, and more. We also have the talent to take your project from concept to prototype.



Using the latest in 3D CAD software, Funk Engineering will advance your ideas from concept to build-to-print ready drawing (pictures). We can provide 3D modeling of all your components and organization into top level assembly. We also provide drawing tracking to ensure models and drawings are up to date for traceability and access to revision history.



Whether it's at your facility or ours, let Funk Engineering be your partner for your product testing and verification needs. We provide support of test bed setup for most UL, FDA, and other government standards. We can also provide life cycle testing for product verification or design improvement.



Whether it's data collection or remote controlling, Funk Engineering can help you streamline your processes. We are capable of writing software in multiple languages (C, C++, Labview, etc.), and we can create inexpensive data acquisition and control setups for you to obtain your test data.

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About Us

Providing Expert Engineering Solutions For Every Step of Your Project

Funk Engineering is a full-service engineering consulting firm that excels in the cradle-to-grave development and design of products. We can also handle the corresponding testing that goes along with this development process.

At Funk Engineering, our specialty isn’t just our industry experience; it’s our ability to solve problems through innovative solutions. Our team is constantly researching and studying the best technology in the market today to ensure that your project gets world class results that stay within your budget and work with your timeline.

Justin H. Funk


Justin is the head of business operations for Funk Engineering and responsible for the direction of the company. In his daily role, Justin spends the bulk of his time developing innovative exercise and biomedical devices for various applications.

A professionally-licensed engineer in the state of Ohio, Justin also performs 3D modeling and analysis using SolidWorks, and basic metal machining in Funk Engineering’s in-house machine shop. Justin’s strongest background is in the space and biomedical fields, where he has been heavily involved in the development of human countermeasure devices and their kinematic and dynamic effects.

Justin is a capable machinist and also has significant 3D printing experience, allowing him to go from concept to hardware, often in a matter of days. He also has extensive experience with programmable motor- and actuator-based systems.

Justin has a variety of experience in fatigue testing, design validation and creation, software development, and electrical design.

Justin earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio University. After transitioning into the aerospace industry, Justin earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Cleveland State University.

Nathan W. Funk


Nathan drives the innovational solutions at Funk Engineering and relies on more than 12 years of experience in engineering consulting. A mechanical engineer by trade, Nathan is highly proficient as an electrical engineer and is dedicated to the newest technology in the industry.

Nathan started his career as a contractor, doing work for NASA as a Safety and Reliability Engineer for the Space Acceleration Measurement Systems (SAMS). He also served as the engineering lead on the NASA (GRC)-funded Smoke Aerosol Measurement Experiment (SAME). The SAME project flew successfully in 2008, and Nathan received a Silver Snoopy for his work.

Nathan also served as the lead engineer for the Small Pressurized Rover ergometer project, and as mechanical support for the NASA-funded Passive Pneumatic Subject Load Device Project.

A professionally licensed engineer in the state of Ohio, Nathan has experience in 3D modeling, Finite Element Analysis and automated test systems utilizing LabView. In his work with FE, Nathan has recently developed software to interface with a data acquisition unit for a test bed setup. He’s also designed and built a custom-printed circuit board to perform signal amplification of a temperature probe, five force transducers, and three pressure transducers.

Nathan earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a minor in Mathematics from the University of Chattanooga. He also earned a Master’s degree in Engineering Mechanics from Cleveland State University.

Read an interview with Nathan about the innovation at Funk Engineering.

Gregory Funk


Greg brings the Funk Engineering team expert insight and perspective with more than 35 years of experience in engineering and project management. In his career, Greg has had roles as all of the following: a Systems Engineering Lead, Assembly and Integration Lead, Fluids Systems Lead, Crew Trainer, and Operations Lead.

Greg is comfortable working in every step of the project; from the generation of requirements to the integration and performance in orbit. His various leadership roles have involved interaction with many representatives at the various NASA centers and its associated universities.

Greg received both a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Science Engineering from Cleveland State.


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